Inkling Explorations

Inkling Explorations is an exciting monthly link-up for any and all story lovers who love discovering treasures in everything they read—whether it's in an old favorite or something crisply and deliciously new on the shelf.

It's completely optional (you can enter some months and not in others) and it's open to entries from literature and film—and with selections from fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, romance, action, poetry, even sometimes non-fiction! The range is pretty much limitless. (Note: Entries will be moderated, however, and must be clean, edifying, and suitable for all ages.)


1. Post the Inklings button on your sidebar.
2. Do a post on your own blog relating to the month's selection/subject (a literary excerpt as short or as long as you like AND/OR—if specified that month—a screencap from a film with an explanation of how the scene builds/develops the story). Link back here somewhere in your post.
3. Come back here and paste your link in the comments box (for the specified month) and I'll add it to the post. Then enjoy visiting and reading everyone else's contributions!

That's all there is to it!

Direct Links & Subjects

May 2015 ~ Violets
June 2015 ~ A Gripping Story Opening in Literature
July 2015 ~ A Well Crafted Animated Film Climax
August 2015 ~ A scene happening on/at/around a train or train station
September 2015 ~ A Funny Story Opening in Literature
October 2015 ~ A gypsy scene in either literature or film
November 2015 ~ A Giving of Thanks in Poetry or Prose
December 2015 ~ A Christmastide movie scene
January 2016 ~ A New Year or 'new beginning' passage in literature
February 2016 ~ A scene involving a disguise in book or film
March 2016 ~ A scene involving a letter, package, or post office in film
April 2016 ~ A description of a lady in literature
May 2016 ~ A scene making beautiful use of special effects/CGI in film
June 2016 ~ Roses
July 2016 ~ A scene with a traveler arriving home in book or film
August 2016 ~ A description of a lady's dress in literature
September 2016 ~ A picnic scene


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